What started out as a calming hobby during visits with my ill mother and nephew/brother during their stint receiving care coincidentally in the same hospital, evolved into the business my mother encouraged me to start before she passed away.  As my #1 fan, she always enjoyed watching me create the pieces while watching our favorite shows until the wee hours of the morning at the hospital.

While my intentions were to only make them to pass the time and keep my mind occupied instead of worrying, once I started to share the creations via social media, I received a huge amount of requests and support. This support was not only for the bracelets but also for the battles my mother and nephew were fighting through as well. So due to all of the love I received, I took my mom’s advice and I decided to keep the creativity going. Reed and Company Designs bracelets can be customized to signify what inspires you, what you're passionate about or to honor those you love. 


In loving memory of my mom and in support of my nephew, I thank you for your support,


Love Crystal Reed, Jacquelyne Reed & Corion Reed